After a mornings drive and some searching around Blars, we find Lindsay and David’s place. We park the car in front of the gate and enter the garden. It’s like Alice in wonderland; we are surrounded by hundreds of butterflies! In a dreamlike state, we progress over the main path and meet our hosts.

Lindsay and David are a relaxed and easy going couple, and we get along instantly. They introduce us to their animals and invite us in for a drink and something to eat. They’ve already eaten (it’s almost half past one), but Lindsay serves us a fresh carrot and ginger salat and prepares an omelet with spinach. Eggs from their hens and spinach from the vegetable garden. Jummie!

We spend the afternoon getting to know Lindsay and David whilst familiarising ourselves with their house and garden, and the animals, and learning how to take care of all.

The dogs

There are three dogs: Benny is a mixed breed that looks a bit like a medium sized blond poodle. He’s 12 years old and a lovely chap, except when it comes to Joshua. Then he becomes like a testosterone driven maniac. Very aggressive and not giving up. Therefore, Benny and Joshua must be kept apart at all cost.

Jezebel is a 4 year old black female. She surpasses Benny in height, but not by much. She has heaps of energy, but is recovering from a recent paralysis of the hind legs and must therefore be kept on a leash. She would prefer to run around at full speed though.

Joshua is a 4 year old Beauceron. He’s a big and gorgeous dog. Big as in you do not have to bend down to pet him. He’ll just park himself beside you so that you can scratch him without any further effort. He’s a good guard dog and loves human attention.

The cats

Huey is a six year old black male. Looks like he’s part Main Coon, because he’s rather big for a cat, and he has longish hair, especially on his tail. He’s friendly to both humans and dogs.


There’s another cat, Toots, that we are unlikely to see, because he prefers his own company.

The hens

In the garden, there is a fenced off part for the 4 hens and their rooster. They aren’t pets, so when you enter their domain, they keep their distance. And when you clean the pen, and one of the hens is in the laying box, you’d better wait for her to finish before you open it. Laying is serious business, and should be done in peace.

House and garden

Over the years, Lindsay and David have created a beautiful and comfortable house for themselves (and their guests and house sitters!). They bought a small, old (1837) house, built an extension and modernised the whole lot.

Surrounding it, there is a magnificent garden, including a big vegetable plot. We won’t have to buy vegetables during our stay here I think. In fact, we won’t have to buy much of anything, because they leave us with freezers and pantries full of food and we are welcome to use whatever we please.

Late afternoon, Lindsay and David take us to have drinks with their neighbours, and after that, Lindsay prepares us a lovely dinner. We feel right at home here, and it is as if we have known our hosts for a long time instead of just a few hours.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to stay in this house at this location. It even has a 5 x 10 meter pool, which we are sure to use, since they forecast temperatures into the thirties. We’ve only just arrived, and we already regret that this stay is only for a week. We’ll just have to treasure each and every moment in this paradise.

More fotos in the summary…Summary of the good time in Blars

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