Today, we became the proud new owners of an Opel Vivaro. We went to the car dealer last Wednesday to see the car and try it out. Everything about it was to our liking, except for two things.

Passenger seats

First, it has a two-seater in front for two passengers. We would have prefered a one-seater, because that is much more confortable, and has the possibility to recline the chair so you can sleep in it stretched out instead of sitting up.

Second is the fact that the three-seater in the back cannot be folded. However, we thought both could be replaced by the types of seats that we want. So we started negociating the price when the subject of the seats came up. At that, the sales man told us that neither seats can be replaced 🙁

To compromise or not to compromise…

We asked to have a second look at the car, which was no problem of course. We looked and deliberated. What to do? We had come down to Bavaria days earlier than originally planned because of this car. We were counting on it for moving all our stuff out of the apartment in the weeks to come. And the car is in superb condition at a fair price. Hmmmm….

I suggested that we don’t actually need the seat in the back, especially not with the two-seater in the front. Because that allows us to take one extra person with us, which is enough. Most of the time, it’s just the two of us. If we were to take the back seat out of the car, we would have all the space we need to create the possibility to sleep comfortably in the car for one or two nights.

Christophe agreed with my logic. It would mean accepting the two-seater in the front, which was basically my decision, since I’m the one in the passenger place most of the time. I decided to make the sacrifice. If the two-seater turns out to be really uncomfortable, we’ll figure something out.

Cash is not accepted

Decided, we wanted to pay for the car already. In cash. We had especially gone to the bank to have the cash to pay for the car. To our surprise, they don’t take cash. We were asked to transfer the money instead. Which we did as soon as we were home, but it was much less fun. Handing over a pack of cash makes a deal very real. Transferring the money from behind your desk is rather unreal. But that’s just the way it is now, apparently.

They were going to prepare the car for us and today at 12:30, we went to pick it up. Christophe had arranged for plates. You can choose your plates here in Germany, within certain restrictions. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the first two letters LL because of where the car is registered, and are therefore restricted to two more letters max. Had we been able to choose three, we would have gone with JGP (Just Go Pink). Since that was ruled out, we went with CK which in our case stands for Christophe and Karen, but is also short for Calvin Klein. And then 1702, because 17 February 2017 is the day we first met and fell in love for real.

LL CK 1702

So, if you see a grey Opel Vivaro with licence plates LL CK 1702, honk and wave, because it’s us. Of course, chances are the car won’t stay just grey for very long, but that will be another story.

Our Opel Vivaro

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