We wake up at 7, drift off to sleep again, and finally get up at 9. You have to give some leeway to jetlag, right? We take breakfast next door. Christophe has porridge of oats and coconut milk with banana, and I have yoghurt with muesli and loads of fruits, served in a young coconut. Delicious, all of it!

Yoghurt with muesli and loads of fruits
Porridge of oats and coconut milk with banana

Visiting Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market

Next on the agenda is a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

It’s the biggest market of Thailand, depending on what source you consult, it consists of 8000 to 15000 stalls on 14 hectares. We take a Tuk Tuk to bring us there.

That was like a Roller Coaster drive 😉

And then we just stroll around, feasting our senses on all the exotic fares. The stalls are quite small and some of them are like the Aldi: most of what they sell is still packed in boxes, with the exception of a few samples. But many stalls have been transformed into little shops, exhibiting their wares in the most advantageous way.

You can buy virtually anything here. I buy a t-shirt for 50 bhat (less than €2), and Christophe a shirt for 200 bhat. For the rest, we just feast our senses on all the novelty. The market is set up under a roof, so it’s protected from the sun. It’s like a village with streets that are just wide enough for pedestrians. There are some bigger streets, but most of them are really narrow. And literally every street has at least one Thai massage, where up to six people can receive a massage of 30 to 60 minutes for 150 to 250 bhat.

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

When it’s time to leave, we find another Tuk Tuk to take us back to the hostel where we’ve left our back packs.

We have a belated lunch of Pad Thai (delicious!) and take a taxi to the airport. They are very pretty and in our colour (pink) 😉 And everywhere you go, there are portraits of the King of Thailand!

Pink taxi with a portrait of the king of Thailand in the background

We arrive in Chiang Mai as the sun sets and meet our hostess, Heike, for the first time. We’ve Skyped twice and been in regular contact over WhatsApp over the last few weeks. But meeting her live is of course the final test. Will we really get along as well as in writing?

Apparently, we do. We hit it off like a house on fire. She drives us out of the city to her house, which is gorgeous, even at night. We talk and talk and talk, until it’s almost midnight and we all really need to go to bed. Because tomorrow, the dogs will wake us at sunrise, which is around 6:30.

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