Today Is The First Day Of Our LivesThis is true for every day, but particularly today. Let me explain.

Since the 1st of February, I am out of a job. Before that, I was a sales administrator in a Dutch company that sells medical equipment. It was my first job for an employer, after having been self employed for 20 years, and I lasted 16 months.

The first 2 months were wonderful. Everything was new so there was a lot to learn. But after 2 months I got used to it and the attraction started to wear off. More and more, I longed for my former life as my own boss. In particular, the freedom to decide when and where to work.

4 months into the job, I met Christophe. We got on like a house on fire (more about that here). He’s been his own boss for over 20 years, and has given himself a break from working for money for a while, living off his savings. He told me he wanted to work, but not as he had before. That is, in an office with very little choice as to working days and hours.

I can understand that very well, since I feel the same. Very early into our relationship, I told him of an idea I have been walking around with since 2010, when I got my diploma as an Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapist. He immediately got very enthousiastic, learned the necessary programming skills, and thus our love baby Ananda was born.

From there on, we continued to talk about what we want to do and how we want to live our lives. There, we found another common interest. We like to travel, discover new things, experience new environments, meet people of different cultures, learn more languages…. So we decided that once Ananda was alive and kicking, we’d travel. Not just for holidays, but al the time. We were going to become nomads.

Digital nomads (in the making)

There actually exists a name for the lifestyle we desire: digital nomads. People who work location independent and travel the world while doing so. Of course, staying in hotels or even hostels permanently is far to expensive and will get boring very fast. However, there happens to be another way, and that is by offering our services as pet- and house sitters.

We became members of Trusted House Sitters, created ourselves a profile, and started looking and applying for housesits that please us. For starters, we want to visit London this month, to take care of some business. Fortunately, there was a lot on offer in London for the first 2 weeks of February. We applied to maybe 20 sits and we confirmed for our very first official pet and house sit last week 🙂

I am writing this from the car, while Christophe is driving. We are on our way from Emsbüren in the north of Germany to Greifenberg in the south. Emsbüren is where we live, Greifenberg is where Christophe’s family lives. Next Thursday, we’ll drive to Paris, spend 1 day and night there at Christophe’s aunt and from there, we will fly to London.

We’ll return to Paris in the evening of the 17th, stay there for 2 days, and drive back home on the 20th.

So you see, today, the journey we are currently making, it’s like the prequel to our life as digital nomads. And that feels like pure bliss!

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