They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, it does… We haven’t written a single blog in over three months. Shame on us! We’ve just been very busy and traveling a lot. So let’s recap those three months, and we’ll take it from there.


We left Andalucia to go to Tenerife where we did a double house sit for Peter Sage in the south of the island. His dogs Bella and Archie are the best trained dogs we’ve met so far. You don’t need to put them on a lead since they will stay with you at the command “heel”. Which is really exceptional and a pleasure.

They are also well trained from a physical point of view, so we took them out for long walks or bike rides every day. They are such a pleasure to have around! Very affectionate too. They would often join us to the roof top terrace for yoga and meditation in the morning. Of course, their idea of yoga differs slightly from ours…

Peter was gone for a week, came back for four days, and left again for almost a week. In between, we spent quite a bit of time with Peter and we can confirm that he really walks his talk. And that he is just a normal human being, like the rest of us. A very generous and warm human being too. He gave us heaps of tips and advice that have helped us develop ourselves and our business further.

Barcelona – Blars

The 23rd of July saw us back in Barcelona, where we stayed a couple of days. On the evening of the 28th, we left and drove through the evening and part of the night to Blars. We slept in the car until the morning and spent a lovely day with Lindsay and David, who welcomed us into the comfort of their home, where we took refuge from the heat. Temperatures rose to 42 degrees C that day, so we were very grateful for the stop-over during the day.

Blars – Paris

The next evening/night saw us on our way again, this time to Paris. We stayed for three days to visit Christophe’s aunt. She’s in a nursing home now. It’s not easy to visit and see how she degenerates to a state of increasing helplessness… And the other people that live in the home too. Some of them try to trick you into taking them with you through the front door to “escape”. The people who work there are absolute angels, but for most of the inhabitants, life is no party. They are lost in a world they do not understand and that renders them very unhappy.

Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris:

The Netherlands

We arrived in Oss, the Netherlands, on the 3rd of July and spent a week with my mum. I think it was the first time in my life that I hadn’t seen her in 8 months… We then had a 2,5 week house sit in Moergestel, where we took care of a 10-year old Saint Bernard named Fred.

The house we stayed in is 100 years old and the owners, Marie Louise (Loulou) and Gregor, are renovating it. It was a really nice place to spend some time. They had put their recently created bedroom at our disposal and it was a great place to sleep, do yoga and meditate. The room has a special, tranquil atmosphere that made it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

During our 18 day stay, we experienced a heat wave where for two days, temperatures rose to 40 degrees Celsius. It was hard on Fred. He spent those two days in het hall with a fan at his disposal. That way, he didn’t suffer too much. He slept most of the time.

We spent a day exploring Rotterdam, prior to a meeting in the evening to present a website we have built for a client. Rotterdam is quite interesting, with all it’s modern art and architecture.

When Loulou and Gregor got home, we moved back to my mum for another four days and worked like mad (wo)men. For in Moergestel, we had finally started on a new project and we wanted to make as much progress with it as possible before moving on.


Late afternoon on the first of August, we said goodbye to my mum and drove to Bavaria to visit Christophe’s family. We celebrated several anniversaries there (Christophe’s amongst them) and visited a dentist (Christophe had broken a crown) and a dermatologist (she told me there’s nothing on my skin anywhere that she would like to cut out, so that’s reassuring news). And our car had a thorough check up. We’ve driven 40.000 km since we bought it last April.

Friends and family in France

On we went on the 17th of August. First to Vorey (France) to visit my family. Then on the 22nd to Valreas to visit Christophe’s brother and his children. Two days later we drove to Toulon, close to Puget-Ville, where we visited several friends we made last winter. One of them asked us to house sit for her and her husband next October/November, so we visited them to see the house and meet the animals.

Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres

Early on the 27th, we left Toulon and drove to Figueres (Spain) where we visited the museum Dali created there about his own work. Well worth the visit! If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, by all means go to the museum.

It’s an amazing place. All of it, including the building, represents the artist. Wherever you look, you will see his signature. Definitely a must see.

Tenerife again

We spent the night in Barcelona and took a flight to Tenerife the next day (Tuesday). And that’s where we are now. We’re spending a couple of days with Nathalie (Christophe’s mum) and are expected at Peter’s on Tuesday for another week with Bella and Archie.

We’ll try to keep you posted on a regular basis again from now on…

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