As we leave the hostel to go site seeing, we immediately come across our first tempel. It’s almost literally at spitting distance from the hostel. We marvel at the beauty of it. The eye for detail with which it is decorated. And the fact that it has no window panes…

The Grand Palace

First on our list of sites to see is The Grand Palace. Up till 1946, the royal family lived here. All the buildings and everything we see… we are surrounded by strange yet beautiful buildings and…. everything! Flowering plants, exotic birds, buddha’s, it’s almost too much. We try to take it all in and Christophe busies himself taking pictures.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

After a belated lunch, we visit Wat Pho and The Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It’s one of the biggest buddha statures in the world at 44 meters long and 15 meters high. And it’s completely covered in gold. Except for the feet. They are black ornamented with mother of pearl inlays, depicting all sorts of scenes. Absolutely amazing to behold. Who ever thought of creating a statue this big? We buy a cup of small change and distribute the coins over the dozens of bowls that are there to receive them.

As we stroll around the grounds of Wat Pho taking in all the beauty, we stumble upon another temple. We hear chanting inside and, curious, we enter. There are monks sitting to the left side, chanting. To the right, all kinds of people are sitting, enjoying the sound and some women even participate in the chanting of the mantras. Very beautiful. We spent some time there, meditating a bit in the perfect atmosphere.

Monks singing:

We don’t see many dogs in Bangkok, but cats are bountiful. Especially around the temples it seems. And everybody seems to like them, for they are quite friendly and are treated well. They probably eat the food offerings that are plentiful. But we see bowls with cat food too.

A simple Thai dinner

When we get back to the hostel, it’s already dark. Our hostel doesn’t serve dinner, so we head out again to find a very authentic restaurant where the locals eat. So we assume it must be good. We order the only vegetarian meal on the menu, and it’s really good. As everything we’ve tasted so far. The Thai certainly know how to cook a good meal.

Thai dinner

Thai dinner

We’re in bed at 9:30 and I’m asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, continuing site seeing Bangkok in my dreams.

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