We left Durfort-Lacapelette yesterday morning at 9:45h, and arrived at Teresa’s place in Saint Perreux at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. By that time, it was raining, after a mostly sunny day on the road. Teresa welcomed us to her home and served us tea. We chatted some, and very soon, Munchkins joined the party.

He’s a sleek black male cat of 7 years old. He lost an eye, but that seems to bother Teresa more than it bothers him. He’s very laid back and friendly. Independent too; he comes and goes as it pleases him. Very cat-like thus.

Small blessings, big delights

Teresa had gone out of her way to prepare us a wonderful vegan dinner. We had told her we’re not 100% vegan, but she loves a challenge and presented us with a 3 course vegan dinner that was absolutely delicious!

The guest room we’re staying in is used for guests only. So it has an empty wardrobe in it. Which means that we do not have to live out of our suitcases for the duration of our stay here. And that is an added bonus!

The house is comfortable and cosy, and surrounded by a garden of approximately 2500 square meters. It is obvious that a lot of love and effort went into the garden, for it is beautiful and well maintained. It has a roofed terrace with a grill, a lawn surrounded by borders filled with flowering plants, a vegetable plot and even an orchard. It will be an honour and a pleasure to take care of it these two weeks.

Nothing but grey skies

Yesterday morning, we drove Teresa to Nantes airport. When we left the house it was raining, and during the 75 minute drive, it got worse and worse. When we arrived at the airport it was raining cats and dogs, and the airport has no way to deliver passengers to the building without getting soaking wet in these conditions. Taxi’s and busses can get relatively close to the entrance though, and since our Opel Vivaro is a bus, we decided to use that lane.

Christophe rolled Teresa’s suitcase to a dry spot, using an umbrella to keep himself and the suitcase from getting soaked, and then escorted Teresa to her suitcase, so she could start her holiday almost dry. Her plane got delayed due to the bad weather, but she arrived in London a few hours later, and there, the sun was shining.

Here on the other hand, the weather deteriorated. When we drove back to Saint Perreux, the rain came pouring down so hard, the highway looked more like a river than a road and the sky more like night than day. Fortunately, it cleared up as we neared Redon, and we were able to do some grocery shopping there without getting wet. When we got home, the rain set in again and hasn’t let up all day. Welcome to Brittany! 😉

Good working conditions

We won’t let the bad weather get to us. The house is comfortable and dry and has a fast internet connection. Which means conditions are excellent for us to get some work done. Because if it is warm and sunny, we want to go outside and explore. But as long as it is cold and rainy, the attraction is off and we’ll stay cooped up indoors. Surely, it won’t last for the whole duration of our stay.

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