Last week, we were pet-sitting Bella and Archie in Adeje for the third time this year. Those two Jack Russel terriers are such a joy to be around! They are well behaved and full of energy. They obliged us to get out of the house at least once a day for a brisk walk of at least an hour. I even took them jogging a few times, but they are in such good condition that I fear my interval training was rather boring for them.
pet-sitting Bella and Archie in Adeje

Apart from taking the dogs out, we spent most of our time working on the new project (which is coming along nicely) and preparing for the 21st International Ayurveda Symposium this weekend. For we not only have a stand there, but we’re also giving a 25 minute presentation about Ananda.

We did manage to go to the beach several times. Just an hour or so at the end of the working day, but that was heavenly. We both love lying on the warm sand and swimming in the sea.

Meeting Kay

As we arrived in Adeje, Peter introduced us to a friend of his who was visiting. Her name is Kay and we got along like a house on fire. While Peter left the evening of our arrival, Kay stayed on until the next day. We spent a wonderful evening with her and were kind of sad she had to leave the next day. She’s an absolutely awesome woman with an amazing story and a heart that can encompass the whole world.

Our lifestyle as digital nomads allows us to meet many new people and we are grateful for that. Because it is such a wonder to meet someone and feel this instant connection. Absolutely amazing and one of the most gratifying experiences in life.
All in all, we love pet-sitting in Adeje and hope to be invited back 🙂

50 years in Tenerife

We spent the last day of our stay in Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife, with Nathalie, Christophe’s mum. For the first time since Nathalie moved to Tenerife 50 years ago, Christophe has been able to visit his mum three times in one year.

We won’t be going back a fourth time, because today, the Universe granted us a long standing wish: we’re going to Thailand!!!! 🙂

Thailand here we come!

Almost two weeks ago, we applied for a pet- and house sit for Heike, a German woman who has been living not far from Chiang Mai for nine years, and who has two young dogs. She quickly replied asking for patience. Two days ago, we inquired after our chances, and she let us know she was talking to an English couple, and things seemed to be working out with them. Pity for us, but that’s life.

And then yesterday, she wrote that it didn’t work out as expected with the English couple, and she wanted to get to know us. This got us all excited and raised lots of questions, and this morning, we replied that we would like to have a Skype video conference with her. She was quick to answer, and before lunch, we spoke with her.

From there on, it went easy and quickly, and an hour later, she confirmed us as her trusted pet sitters for the period of 25 November to 17 December. And she told us that, if we want to, we can come (much) earlier and stay on afterwards to celebrate christmass with her.

Now I ask you: how cool is that???

So in between preparations for the symposium, we’re looking at tickets and visa and backpacks etcetera. We’re as excited as children! We’re planning to take one way tickets, stay up to 60 days in Thailand, and then go on to India. There, we would like to do a pancha karma and see if we can find some place to deepen our knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga.

Life is amazing when you just let the Universe know your wishes and allow her to take care of them.

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