Today it has been exactly one year and one day since we gave up our apartment in Emsbüren, Germany. Since then, we have traveled 30.000 km by car. We were mostly in France, house sitting. But also visited friends and family in Germany, the Netherlands and Tenerife. It’s been a year filled with wonder and new experiences.

We house sat in Redon, Blars, Indre, Lubersac, Tostat and Puget-Ville. The animals we looked after included cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, horses, and donkeys. We met so many lovely people and made new friends all over France. Our life is incredible and we feel very blessed and grateful.

Our Homes Of The Year 2018

Workawaying in Andalucia

Digital nomadism suits us and we’re going to continue for another while. Our current stay in Andalucia is as wonderful as our other stays. We live on a 90ha finca surrounded by stunning nature. We get the chance to work with PRE horses (Pura Rasa Español) every day, and have fallen in love with them. The rest of the work on the finca suits us also; it’s mostly physical work outdoors. That gets us away from our normal work behind the computer, which we also continue.

Reservoir Zahara-El Gastor

Our future home

The experiences of the past year (and doubtless the experiences yet to come) help us to refine our wishes for a future home of ourselves. We easily make ourselves at home wherever we are, but in the end, nothing beats your own place. Wherever we are, we find things that please us, and things we don’t like. One day, somewhere in the future, we’re going to settle down somewhere and implement all those things we like while avoiding the ones we don’t.

Here and now

In the here and now, we are working on Ananda. Plus, we just won a pitch to create a website for a client, so we’ll be spending many hours on that in the coming days and weeks. And we are working on two new projects of ourselves, so between all those projects plus the 25 hours per week that we work here on the finca, never a dull moment!

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