When we got back from my Mum’s, after moving house, round one, the flue got hold of me. At first, it wasn’t so bad and on Thursday, I felt more or less normal again. However, that was short lived. On Wednesday, I felt miserable and it became clear that I was ill and that the flue had put it’s claws in me for real. So I did nothing and let Christophe take care of me during the days that followed.

I am not used to that at all, having someone take care of me when I am ill. In my previous relationships, I was responsible for all matters related to food, so even when ill, I had to do the cooking and quite often even the groceries. So having someone take care of all that without my interference is a novelty. But I think I did all right. I might even get used to it, though I do not plan on being ill on any regular basis. Christophe thrived on the responsibility! I must say that he very often takes care of me, even if I am not ill, and I’m loving it 🙂

Another Opel Vivaro filled with stuff

On Tuesday, I was sufficiently healed to visit my Mum for a few days, and bring with me a second car full of stuff. Since I wasn’t 100% healed, Christophe loaded most of the stuff into the car. Wednesday morning, Esther came to my Mum to clean the house for her (at 84, she has the right to have someone else do that!), and Mum asked her to help me unload the car, which she did.

She’s awesome and a real powerhouse! Mum calls her her angel, and I fully understand why. She went up and down two flights of stairs more often than I, carrying my boxes and stuff up to the attic. While chatting amiably with me and without complaint. In one hour, we had everything stored away. We had coffee while chatting with my Mum, and then she happily went on to clean the house. Thank you so much Esther, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Preparing for the next round

I got home this evening, because tomorrow, we have to clean out the kitchen. The Germans have this strange tradition where they bring in their own kitchen when renting or buying a house or apartment. So 15 months ago, I bought a kitchen and had it installed in the apartment. Little did I know I would be leaving so soon… Now, we have to remove the kitchen before leaving the apartment. Or sell it to the next tenant, but she has her own kitchen so doesn’t want ours.

Fortunately, we found a buyer for it, and they are coming on Saturday morning to disassemble the kitchen and take it away. We’ll have quite some work to do before that.

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