Last thursday, we loaded the first batch of my stuff into the car, with the intend to go to my Mum on Friday, to store my stuff there. However, Christophe, who had been fighting the flue, was really sick on Friday, and in no shape to go anywhere. He had picked up the virus in Bavaria. It’s a serious flue and we didn’t want to bring it with us to my Mum.

Today Christophe seems to have healed enough to make the journey, so we loaded some more stuff into the car and took to the road. We made a small detour to visit Seppie.

Seppie, the best surprise of my life

Seppie, who is officially named Septiembre Regalo, was born on September 1st 2005, and came as a complete surprise. I had no idea that the mare I had bought from my stepsister, was pregnant. Nobody knew. It was the best surprise of my life so far 😄

When he was 6 years old, I gave him away to a good home. Because I had no time for him, and he deserved and needed someone who would work with him. He ended up with Christa and still lives there.

It had been almost 2 years since I had last seen Sep, so I contacted Christa to find out if we could visit this morning on our way to my Mum. She was home and we were welcome. Seppie is Christa’s horse in every aspect that counts, but he will always remain my baby.

We found him peacefully chewing hay in his own pasture with his own herd. He’s the king of the herd, and he even has his queen (who is much bigger than he is, but that bothers nobody). He’s in excellent shape, neither thin nor fat. Just right. And he is happy, which is the most important.

I’m really happy that he is with Christa. I could never just sell a horse. Horses are like people to me. They have their own ideas and wishes. They deserve a good life outdoors and in a herd. No stabling, no shoeing, no bit….

On to the business of moving house

After a cup of tea and some chocolate Easter eggs, we continued our way to my Mum. After a very warm welcome and lunch, we unloaded the car. Christophe helped with the things I couldn’t do alone, but since he wasn’t fully recovered from the flue, I did most of the mounting of the stairs to put my boxes and other stuff in the attic. I climbed those stairs about 20 times, always carrying something, so I had a good work out 😉

I always find moving house a confrontation with my stuff. There’s always so much more of it than I am normally aware of. Even now, when I’m selling most of my furniture. And this is just the first of 3 trips we’re making to get everything on my Mum’s attic…

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