Yesterday, through, we received a message from Maria, the executive assistant of a Mr Sage from England. She explained that he is in the process of moving from England to Tenerife. He’s looking for someone to look after his two dogs in Tenerife when he’s away from home. And he travels a lot for his work, and would prefer to meet someone who can sit on a regular basis. Would we be interested?

This message represents two premieres. First, the fact that we are asked by a pet owner, not the other way around. Our egos got quite a boost from that 😉 Second, the fact that the correspondence is handled not by the owner himself, but by his executive assistant. This fact peeked our curiosity. So we checked out Mr Sage’s profile on THS and what we read there pleased us a lot. So we answered yes. And also, that we are on the island until Thursday, and if he were here too, we could meet.

This morning, I checked my emails before breakfast, which is not a habit of mine at all. Maria had sent us another message, asking for a phone number. Because Mr Sage is actually on the island until tomorrow, and he would like to get our acquaintance. He is at the southern side of the isle. We’re at Puerto de la Cruz, which is in the north, but we are happy to go south and meet with him on the sunny side of the island.

Having lunch with Peter Sage

So we drove to the south, found ourselves a parking place (which wasn’t easy) and met Peter and his partner on one of the many boulevards. They both embraced us at first sight, which is, in my experience, very un-brittish. We are quite used to it though, being more french-spanish than anything else 🙂

We got to know each other whilst enjoying lunch together at a restaurant with a view of the boulevard and the ocean. It was no trouble at all to find topics of conversation. Of course we spoke of house sitting and animal care. Peter is devoted to his dogs, calls them his kids. So obviously, before taking any decision, he wants to know who we are and how we deal with life and the responsibility of other peoples animals in particular.

And so he asked us what we do for a living. We explained about Ananda and he showered us with advice as to how to take our business to a higher level. We paid real good attention, because Peter is a business consultant of sorts, and what he said made a lot of sense. He’s passionate about it, and that makes it a pleasure to listen to and interact with him. And he knows about Ayurveda, which makes the conversation a whole lot easier.

After two hours, we said goodbye, promising to keep in touch. There’s a good chance we’ll be back in Tenerife in June to look after Peters dogs, but that will become clear within a week or so.

Our heads are spinning with ideas that we have to sort out over the next couple of days. Loads of food for thought and discussion.

Driving home across El Teide

We took the scenic route home, straight across El Teide. It’s one of the biggest volcanic craters on the planet, over 20 km in diameter, and absolutely magnificent! Words can’t do justice to its splendour, so we look loads of pictures. Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see a selection of them.

We got home at around 7 o’clock and the first thing we did, curious as we are, was look up Peter Sage in Google. Good thing we hadn’t done that before meeting with him, because we might have been a tad nervous had we done so. He turns out to be quite a celebrity, playing in the big league of inspirational speakers and business coaches. He certainly inspired us, but most of all with his kind personality and his passion for bringing out the best in people. We watched his TED talk and agree 100% with him; the most important thing in life is love, to be loved, and to feel connected. To see everything life throws at you as an opportunity to learn and grow, and to live life to the fullest.

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