We found a postcard in one of the other apartments here. Apparently, someone intended to send a postcard, but lost the card before it was sent. It has a name and address on it, but no text. So we don’t know who bought it. Neither do we know how long ago it got lost. Was it from one of the recent guests, or is it (much) older?

Lost Postcard Front Lost Postcard Back

I imagine all sorts of reasons for this postcard…:

Lost friendship

The person who was here on holiday had been very busy before leaving for Spain. So busy, that she had no time for her best friend. Who, after having been patient and understanding for a very long time, ended their friendship. After all, it takes two to tango… But when our guest was here, she realised the error of her ways and wanted to make amends. So she bought this lovely postcard, wrote the name and address on it, and then didn’t know what to write. And lost the card.


The guest was a writer, and he was finishing a novel. The main character in his book is based on a real person that he knows. He came here to finish the book in the peace and quiet of this part of Andalusia. And once he was done, he bought a postcard for his muze. To finally tell her about his admiration for her, and to thank her for the inspiration she had unwittingly given him. But the card got lost, so she never knew.

Forbidden love

Our guest was a man who had married the wrong woman. As a young man, he had been in love with a girl he couldn’t marry, because she came from a very different background. His parents forbade him to see her, and introduced him to a suitable woman, whom he ended up marrying. But he never stopped loving the girl of his youth. He was faithful to his wife, but when both his parents died shortly after each other, he decided to track down his forbidden love. And while he was on holiday here with his eldest (all grown up) daughter, he bought a postcard with the intention of sending it to his lost love. However, his daughter saw him writing the card and wanted to know who it was for. He told her the truth and she wasn’t amused. So she hid the card.

I could go on like this forever, but I won’t. Instead, we are going to buy a stamp and send the card. We will write the URL of this blog on it and ask the mystery woman to leave the real story beneath this text, in the comment section. Fingers crossed that she will do this!

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