Yesterday, we sold and removed the kitchen. This morning, the sleeping couch went to a new home. A woman came by for the table, but when she saw it, she didn’t want it. It’s a massive light oak, round table of 120 cm. You can add a middle section making an oval with a length of 157 cm. I bought it second hand just over a year ago for € 50. Christophe has done magic to it, so when I put up the ad to sell it, I started at € 100. You can always lower the price right?

False information

Loads of people saw the ad, but nobody bought the table. So I lowered the price. Again and again. When it was at € 30, this woman contacted me, offering to pick the table up for € 20. I agreed, because the table is extremely heavy, and just being rid of it is more important than money. But today, when she saw it, it wasn’t to her liking. Why? Because it has some stains and a tiny damaged spot. Both can easily be remedied. She apparently expected a perfectly spotless table for € 20. Afterwards, she even wrote to me that she thought it bad form that I hadn’t told her about the stains and the damaged spot. That I should warn other people who might be interested in the table about it. To be honest, the damaged spot is so small, I hadn’t even noticed it before. But I guess it’s all about expectations, isn’t it?

What’s left now, apart from the table, is a dresser nobody wants (it’s too colourful in the eyes of most people), which we’ll bring to the second hand shop on Tuesday, together with the table. And a small chest of drawers that goes to my Mum. Two small bookcases from Christophe that we will disassemble and bring with us to Bavaria. Plus the bed and 4 chairs.

No kitchen, no dinner

Our apartment is by now very minimalistic. Not having closets is quite annoying, because where do you put your things? On the floor… And not having a kitchen is rather unpractical. But we knew that was coming, so we are prepared for a couple of days of improvisation.

We do have to eat of course. Breakfast and lunch are no problem, but for dinner, a kitchen is a must have as far as we are concerned. So lacking a kitchen, we went out yesterday evening and had a lovely Italian dinner at Da Toni in Rheine. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, we can highly recommend it. Do make reservations, because it’s a very popular restaurant.

Out with the clutter

This getting rid of stuff is actually quite satisfying. Although I am at the same time astonished about the sheer amount of stuff that I still have. But let’s face it, I’m 48 years old. Most people my age fill a house (or at least half a house) with their stuff. All the furniture I have left is a chair, a desk and an old chest. And a lot of boxes and stuff. Wednesday morning, we’ll drive once more to my Mum with the last of my stuff. Mum will adopt the bed, so whenever we are with her, we’ll be sleeping in our own bed 🙂

Here are some pictures of what the apartment looked like when it was still fully equipped, and what it looks like now.

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