After a bit of a restless night, Christophe wasn’t feeling too good. So I decided that I was going to descend all our stuff from the apartment to the car, and that he was only allowed to help with the things I really couldn’t handle alone. We’ve accumulated quite some stuff over the last few months, and our car is now inconveniently full when we travel.

One of the causes is that I thought I would have time to do some sewing during our 3-month sit in the Provence, so I brought my sewing machine and a lot of lovely fabrics and other materials. However, experience has taught me that I don’t have time for it, so next time we visit my mum, I’ll leave all that at her attic, with the rest of my belongings. It’ll just have to wait until we settle down somewhere and have our own place.

Mounting 51 steps, at least ten times…

While Christophe prepared breakfast, I went down the 3 flights of stairs 3 times. It wasn’t so much the descending that made it a workout as the mounting of the stairs afterwards, to get back up. It was 51 steps up all together…

I lost count of how often I went down the stairs and back up after breakfast. It was at least ten times, so I had a really good workout. Christophe was in no condition to mount stairs, so the four times he did was more than enough.

On the road again

Finally, at 9:50h, we were ready to leave Gava. We took the scenic route and went south. The views on the way were magnificent and we quite enjoyed the ride.

Near 1 o’clock, we arrived at Grace and Geralds place near Freginals. We “met” them over a year ago through THS. They were looking for sitters and we applied. They didn’t pick us, because they live off grid and, understandably, preferred people with prior experience with that. When we wrote to them that we are interested to learn about off grid living, they immediately invited us to come and visit some time. It took us over a year, but here we are.

Meeting Grace and Gerald

They very warmly welcomed us into their house and had a lovely lunch prepared. Over that, we just chatted and chatted and chatted… Grace had to go out in the afternoon to tutor a girl, and we had a lovely walk “around the house” for almost 1,5 hours. There are olive groves all around, but a little further away, we found an orange grove. We picked up 2 oranges that were on the ground and ate one of them. They’re not bad at all 🙂

Back at the house, Grace drove up the driveway just as we came home. We tried the internet connection over WiFi, which failed, so used a hotspot to deal with our emails, while sitting in the sun on the terrace. As you know, our life really sucks 😉

Grace prepared us another lovely meal, consisting amongst other things of “escalivada”, which is toasted bread with roasted veggies, finished with cubes of the smoked goats cheese we brought from Tenerife. Put that under the grill for a couple of minutes, and dinner is ready to be served 🙂

Thank you Life!

It was such an extraordinary day. Visiting Grace and Gerald as if we were old friends of the family. They are such lovely people and so hospitable. We can’t say too often how grateful we are for all that we are experiencing and the extraordinarily nice people we meet. If that isn’t the Law of Attraction at work, than I don’t know what is.

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