After breakfast, we fill up a bowl with cat biscuits and another with water before inviting Molly into the car and heading out west. It’s sunny and the temperature is supposed to go up to approximately 23℃ this afternoon. For now, it’s 16… But the car has a heating system, which we turn up a bit.


We easily find a parking space and head into the city center with Molly. She’s a bit apprehensive at first, but she quickly settles down. It’s amazing how much trust she has in us after only two weeks!

As we cross a river, Christophe asks a woman if this is the Adour. She confirms it, but returns to us seconds later to rectify herself. This is the Nive and the other one, that’s the Adour. In Tostat it’s only a small river, but here, it’s several dozen meters wide. Hard to believe that it’s the same river.

Bayonne city center is beautiful and the cathedral is stunning. The walls are painted floor to ceiling and it has lovely stained glass windows all around. Absolutely worth a visit. Touring the old city center is a joy. Nearly all the building are beautiful and we continuously point out details to each other.

It’s well past noon and we’re hungry. After checking out several bakers, we buy two big pieces of quiche at a baker shop who has a restaurant on the first floor. It’s still not warm outside in the shade, and there’s a bit of a cold wind, so we are thankful for the opportunity to eat indoors.

We climb the stairs and settle in the furthest corner so that Molly won’t disturb (or be disturbed by) anyone. As we cross the room, we are greeted by two young women who apparently work here. They’re in deep conversation and pay us little attention.

As the girl comes to our table to bring us our warmed quiches, she sees Molly and tells us dogs aren’t allowed in the restaurant. Her colleagues suddenly wake up and confirm it. But, since we are the only guests there and Molly has no problems lying out of sight under the table, they allow us to stay put and eat in the warm indoor comfort.

Atlantic beach

We leave Bayonne after lunch and have only a small distance to go before we reach the Atlantic. At this time of year, there aren’t many people on the beaches, and dogs are allowed. So we take Molly for what is probably her first encounter with the sea.

She isn’t fearfull at all, and ends up getting completely soaked when Christophe throws a stick into the water. She chases it and gets out too late, to our delight. She’s a bit flustered by the experience, but not too much. We walk for about an hour and so does Molly obviously. But she keeps running back and forth, as dogs tend to do, so when we reach the car, she immediately flops down and falls asleep.

Video of Molly at the beach


On we go to Biarritz. It is already late afternoon but the weather is still good, so we go site seeing the city and the beach. At 18:30h, we meet up with Chantal. She’s a friend of Christophe’s mum and works in Biarritz 2 days a week.

Although it’s the first time we meet, it’s like meeting an old friend. She takes us for more site seeing, including the Eglise Ste Eugénie and the Rocher de la Vierge. As the sun sets, we enter a nice little restaurant where we eat a well prepared dinner.

It is almost midnight when we say goodbye. We drive out of town and find ourselves a parking place in a quiet quarter of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. We spend the night there, in our comfy bed. Molly sleeps under the bed and is wonderful about it. She doesn’t make a sound and just sleeps through the night.

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