Finally, the day has come. We wake up at 5:10h, 5 minutes before any of the three alarms go off, and get up, get dressed and finish our backpacks. We had planned to leave without jackets, since we certainly won’t need those in Asia. But it’s raining and we don’t want to risk getting soaked during the 200 meter walk to the taxi.

After shutting down water and electricity, we leave the compound. There’s a light drizzle, but it’s not much and we could have risked it. But that’s hindsight. There’s no time to go upstairs again to leave our jackets behind. So we bring them with us. The taxi awaits us just outside the compound. As we drive to the airport, it’s starts to rain for real.

There are no traffic jams and no separatists blocking the road to the airport, so we arrive almost two hours before the flight is supposed to leave. That gives us plenty of time to check in our backpacks, go through security, and get ourselves a little breakfast. And fill our water bottles.

Leaving Barcelona
The Alps
Landing in Bangkok

The flight to Stockholm is without incident and we arrive on time in a rainy and cold Stockholm (2 degrees). We kill 4 hours, answering emails, having lunch and strolling around, sampling Danish licorice with a chocolate covering. Which is surprisingly delicious!


We leave Stockholm one hour behind of schedule and arrive in Bangkok at 8:30h local time (6 hours later than in Barcelona). Neither of us has slept more than 5 hours. Which is enough for Christophe, but not for me. However, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to go site seeing Bangkok.

10.000m over the see

At 10.000m high

From the airport we take the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link (the Skytrain) that provides us fantastic views of the city. Then, from the train station, we take a taxi to our hostel Sawatdee Guesthouse. The amount we negotiated upfront was 100 Bhat. However, at our destination, the taxi driver demands 200. We had been warned about this, so we kindly and successfully refuse, and pay the agreed 100 bhat.

Sawadee kha
Sawadee khap

When we arrive at the hostel, we are shown around. As is the custom in Thailand, we are asked to leave our shoes in the shoe rack near the entrance, and proceed bare foot. It’s very clean everywhere. There are two showers, two toilets and two washbasins at the ground floor. Most rooms are on the first floor.

We have booked a room for one night. It’s very cheap (€14) and it’s only 4 square meter. Which suffices for a bed for two people and room to open the door inwards. After the tour of the hostel, we freshen up a bit, and head out to explore.

Small but fine,
very clean hostel…
…with steep stairs
and funny signs!

Bus tour in Bangkok:

…with clutch fine tuning 😉

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