Just Go Pink! is the name we chose for our business because we like it. It is a very general name that constitutes the umbrella for all our activities. We are interested in a lot of things and we offer many services.

One of our shared interests is Ayurveda. We offer three services pertaining to that:

Ayurveda services

Ananda, a website for Ayurvedic professionals

Our core business consists of Ananda, a website where Ayurvedic professionals can create tailor made lists of food recommendations for their clients. Ananda is build on WordPress with the help of several so called plugins to get all the functionality in. The most important functionality consists of the possibility to create and maintain a subscription, with automatic payments, plus the fact that the site is multi lingual. Getting those two to work together was no small feat, but we managed.

On top of that, or rather, behind it all, Christophe created a database with all the data regarding foodstuffs and their Ayurvedic properties. He wrote a script to call the database and create the lists of food recommendations based on the individual constitution of a person.

Yoga and meditation courses (in German, French or Spanish)

Christophe certified as a yoga teacher in January 2016. He’s passionate about yoga and meditation and absolutely loves to introduce people to the finer points of both. Everybody can benefit from yoga and meditation, even if you are old, stiff and/or handicapped. Everybody has the possibility to enhance their movement, both physical and spiritual.

Ayurvedic nutritional advice (in Dutch, English, French or German)

Karen certified as an Ayurvedic nutritional therapist in 2010. She’s passionate about food and has experienced first hand the huge effect it has on our health. She loves to help people to find what’s good for them and what isn’t, and learn how to implement a healthy and delicious diet into their daily life.

Digital nomads

We gave up our permanent residence in April of 2018. Since then, we’ve been living a nomadic lifestyle. As long as we have an internet connection, we can work from anywhere. So we have become professional pet- and house sitters in order to always have a roof over our heads while traveling Europe.

Web design

Apart from our own digital projects, we also create websites for others. So if you’re in need of a website, or a redesign of an existing website, give us a holler and we’ll discuss the possibilities and give you an estimate, no strings attached.

Horse services

Karen has been in love with horses since as long as she can remember. She learned to ride when she was 11 and got her first horse when she was 33. She still owns this horse, though he’s retired now. Christophe has always loved horses too and briefly worked with them at the age of 17. He’s recently learned to ride and absolutely loves it!

We are “into” natural horsemanship and Karen has been a certified hoof care professional since 2005. Together, we love to (re)train horses to give them a solid basis in “humanship” so that they understand what is involved when interacting with humans. This involves mostly ground work. We equally love to advice people on how to manage their horses in a way that keeps them healthy, both physically and mentally. For example, creating a paddock paradise.

Other services

Being multipotentialites, we like to do many different things. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty doing manual labour, but we also like our digital work. So if you have a project that you think might suit us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!